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What is a good question to ask?
It depends on what you want to know.
How do I become a sponsor?
The link above gives information, for other questions please use the address on the Contact Us page.
If I am about to graduate can I still participate?
Absolutely. Students are eligible for the program up to 6 months following their graduation.
How can I be notified about upcoming events?
Use the Contact Us address to ask about being added to our event email list.
What if I want to give a whole lot of money to this program because it is awesome but I don't want to be obligated as a sponsor in the future?
You may provide one-time donations of any amount at any time. Your gift is greatly appreciated! Contact us using the Become a Sponsor address but please mention your wishes so we may provide you the best service. Suggestions for individual gifts include providing a scholarship for a student to an event, funding a facility for an event, or sending the cost of a newsletter printing (currently $10/month). Anything generously donated will be put to use.


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